Apprentices of ROFA AG organize soccer tournament

das Azubi-Team der ROFA
On the 28.06.2019 trainees and apprentices from Rosenheim-based companies stepped out onto the sports field in Westerndorf St. Peter for the 2019 trainee-and-apprentice soccer tournament.

The soccer tournament was founded 11 years ago and since then, every year, the trainees and apprentices from Rosenheim have given their all to the competition. This year there were more teams than ever before. Approximately 150 players totalling 15 teams, sweated it out in very summery conditions of around 29 degrees celsius.

This year the tournament was organised by ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG, who are very proud of the commitment of their trainees, who, with great enthusiasm, took the lead in planning and organising the whole event.

The event was moderated by Felix Reuß, a long-time player of the German national hockey team, who is counted among the best goalies world-wide and has been with ROFA since 2018. His moderation gave the tournament a very professional touch. 

ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG congratulates the winners and thanks all teams for their participation and fair play, thanks also to the many spectators.
This sporting excursion was a well-deserved change from the day-to-day work routine for all the trainees and apprentices, that was not only a great deal of fun, but also a positve contribution to their team-building skills.