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MOLL Automatisierung celebrated its 25th site anniversary

For 25 years, MOLL Automatisierung and the industrial park in Leiblfing have been very closely connected. As a co-founder of the park, MOLL moved from its former site in Eschlback to adjacent Leiblfing in April 1992. With operation of the new site, the company from Straubingen's suburb picked up speed in its development. The headcount increased seven-fold, from 28 to the current 205 employees, in the past 25 years; along with this, the company's premises have been continually expanded and now comprise five halls with a business area of about 36,000 square metres. In the same period, the turnover increased from approx. ten million Euro in the beginning to the current figure of 96 million Euro. Crises like the fire in the production hall in 2002 and the economic crisis of 2008/2009 helped shape the company as well as the highlights of its development and made it what it is today: one of the most important employers in the district and the municipality of Leiblfing. The largest member of ROFA group at this time, MOLL now is part of a corporation with approx. 1,000 employees that has been established at the top of the international automotive suppliers for special and conveyor systems for many years, and that generates an annual turnover in excess of 360 million Euro.

Together with the 25th site anniversary, the extremely positive development of the past years was to be celebrated as well. Festivities for all MOLL employees and their families were held on Friday, 23 June 2017, to this end. Together with further guests from politics, the municipality's administration and company management, we raised our glasses to past and future success and spent a wonderful day together on the premises of MOLL Automatisierung in a sociable atmosphere, with proper food provided by the Ismair catering service, and traditional music played by the Hansi Feldmann Kapelle.

Many employees have been part of the "running engines" of MOLL Automatisierung for many years. They hold a major share in the unique growth the company could profit from in the past years. Those employees whose competence and commitment drive the company every single day are to be particularly honoured with the celebration of the 25th site anniversary!

From left to right: Franz Bayer (former managing director), Manfred Rüth (former managing director), Josef Laumer (Landrat), Josef Zellmeier (Landtag delegate), Andreas Bauer (COO ROFA Group), Wolfgang Kozsar (chairman of the board ROFA Group), Josef Moll (managing director), Wolfgang Frank (mayor Leiblfing), Hans Ritt (Landtag delegate), Florian Hölzl (Landtag delegate)