ROFA products – ROFA’s portfolio of products at a glance

Success with ROFA – improve wherever possible, invent whenever necessary
Our flexibility in thinking and acting enables us to realize customer specific special solutions at short notice. Reputable clients rely on ROFA to erect a new production plant – parallel to the running production – or to exchange an entire conveying system in the shortest time possible.
Due to our thorough design and organization you can be assured that the start of your production will take place on the due date.

We can make a strong contribution to your success with our sense of responsibility and our performance capability.

Overhead Conveyors
Overhead conveyors

  • Electrified monorail systems KB 240 (heavy duty)
  • Electrified monorail systems KB 180 (C1-profile)
  • Electrified monorail systems KB 135 (light weight)
  • Power & free systems (P&F)
  • Overhead wire rope conveyors
Floor conveyors
Floor conveyors

  • Inverted monorail systems (IMS)
  • Powered pallet conveyors (PPC)
  • Inverted power & free systems
  • Slat conveyors (steel | plastic | rubber)
  • Men rider belts | associate belt conveyors (plastic | rubber)
Skid | container conveyor technology
Skid | container conveyor technology

  • Roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors (standard up to 2 tons)
  • Chain conveyors (> 2 tons & special designs)
AGV systems
AGV systems

  • AGV (inductive, pin guided)
  • AGV (inductive, inductive guided)
Pusher systems
Pusher systems

  • Skillet systems
  • Friction conveyors
Special solutions
Special solutions

  • Heavy duty transportation > 5 tons
  • Scissors lifting tables < 4 tons
  • Scrap conveyors
  • Wheel conveyors
  • Vehicle transfer systems
Control units
Control units

  • Vehicle control units (EMS | AGV | skillet)
Marriage stations
Marriage stations

  • Fully | semi automatic marriage stations
End of line technology
End of line technology

  • Test bay technology (brakes | vabration | engine test)
Application technology
Application technology

  • Robot stations for various automated integrations
  • Special automatic storage and retrieval systems for loads up to 200 kg
foerder lagersysteme
Conveying and Storage Systems

  • Individual solutions
Rack Feeding Systems

  • Automated storage and retrieval
materialfluss datentechnik
Material Flow Controls

  • Software Systems
Replenish Control Systems

  • Storage position control
Warehouse technology
Warehouse technology

  • Body in white ⁄ painted body storage (PBS)
  • High bay warehouses
  • Automatic small parts warehouses
  • Picking systems
  • Conveying and storage systems for freezer environments
  • Sorting systems
  • Radio data systems
  • Logistic centres

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