Warehouse technology

Optimum use of space on several levels

Efficient warehouse technology, such as automated logistics
systems, high bay warehouses, sorting and picking systems,
consists of various components which harmonize with each

To meet the requirements we plan and develop customized solutions based on innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology. Our logistics experts ensure that your projects become a technical and economic success.


Order Picking Systems

Individual items or packaging units of articles are collated for each order. This requires fast access to the entire stored range of goods. The selection of the ideal order picking concept for your company is determined by the specifics of your processes and products. Size, weight and number of items are just as crucial as the required order picking capacity and the available space. Our warehouse management supports all common, but also special order picking principles for the fastest and most error-free order picking possible.

Picking System Principles:
  • Multiple order picking system ("Goods- to-Man"): parallel orders handling is possible
  • "Man-to-Goods" order picking system The conventional "Man-to-Goods" picking system is often used in manually operated storage areas. Thereby the operator removes the required goods directly from the storage bin and puts it to a picking trolley or pallet. In contrast to the picking system "Goods-to-Man) the goods are not transported from the storage bin to the picker
  • Pick-by-Light: Special Form of the "Man-to-Goods" picking system. Luminaire modules (Pick-by-Light displays) signal the pickert he amount of parts to be removed
  • Put-to-Light: Picking aid for multiple order picking. The articles to be picked are transported e.g. on a conveyor, to the picking location. Luminaire modules signal the operator the intended container
  • Pick-by-Voice: The operator receives a voice output (headset) of the required information of amount and location and confirms by voucherless voice entry

Order Picking Systems | FLOWPICKER®

Automated Order Picking System
kommissioniersysteme 3D3D-View: Picking system facility


FLOWPICKER® is a fully automated high-capacity order picking system which can be used wherever orders are compiled from entire packing units. It can process many different types of packing units without additional transport carriers.

FLOWPICKER® consists only of conveyor lines and completely foregoes any automatic warehouse technology. Order picking rates of several hundred to a few thousand picks per hour can be achieved, all without stacker cranes or shuttle vehicles.



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