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For the first time it was possible to create a control platform meeting all requirements of a control system in the simplest form. The functionality extends from a control unit with simple half-wave transmission to communication by contact line bus. To meet requirements beyond the possibilities of our drive controllers, the standard offers an interface to frequency controllers of other producers. Therefore the range of applications of our control units is almost limitless.

To provide our customers with an optimum level of services, the new business unit „ROFA Controls“ was founded, covering all tasks from development to after sales. The control units are used for ROFA group projects and also offered on the free market.

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Bus communication

  • distance measurement without additional sensors
  • plant management is configured
    (minimum number of rail blocks)
  • very high positioning accuracy by absolute distance monitoring
  • profinet interface for communication with plant control
  • constant communication of the plant control with the vehicle control via Profinet
Half-wave communication

  • simple operation commands by
    half-way signals
  • additional connection to electronic
    magnetic switch EMD4 is possible
  • profinet interface for communication
    with plant control
  • back signals by half-wave

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